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In Form Pilates & Bodywork | Expert Pilates Studio in Austin

Hello, and welcome to In Form Pilates & Bodywork! It is with immense joy and gratitude that I announce the grand opening of my very own Pilates studio, a culmination of six eventful years of honing my skills as an instructor, teacher, mentor, manager, and administrative consultant at various reputed Pilates studios.

The journey to establishing In Form Pilates & Bodywork was an adventurous one, laden with unexpected twists and turns. However, a serendipitous encounter with a Craigslist ad led me to "I Am Total Wellness Studios". With impeccable timing, they were in the process of relocating and considering selling the Pilates section of their business. The opportunity to join forces with such a dedicated, warm, and supportive team of practitioners, deeply committed to the health and wellness of their community, was one I simply couldn't pass up.

If you're in the pursuit of an experienced, skillful, and welcoming wellness practitioner, I highly recommend the following individuals to support your care plan:

Get to know the rest of the I Am Total Wellness Studios Team here!

Embracing this opportunity required a leap of faith, especially during such a hectic period - I'm thrilled to share that I'm expecting my first child this fall. Yet, with the steadfast support of my extraordinary husband, we seized the moment, and everything has beautifully fallen into place.

In Form Pilates & Bodywork may be small in size, but it is mighty in spirit, boasting a fully equipped Pilates studio. My vision is to cultivate an environment that educates, supports, and inspires clients to feel confident and empowered in their movement practice. I am also keen to assemble a team of equally passionate practitioners, eager to share their unique teaching gifts with the dedicated student community in Austin and beyond. Don't forget, we also offer Virtual Pilates Sessions!

This milestone is merely the beginning, and I am filled with optimism for what lies ahead. Whether you're a newcomer to Pilates or a seasoned practitioner, I am excited to guide you through this transformative journey, either in-person or virtually.

Thank you for embarking on this exciting journey with me, and I warmly welcome you to In Form Pilates & Bodywork. I eagerly anticipate our collaboration!

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